#1 Up to 100 BPM:   #4 Left Hand wound 14” max Roll size 3” core size


Mini 10-25 BPM : #4 Left Hand wound 13” max Roll size 3” core size


Maximum overall label height is 6 inches      

Minimum overall label height is 1/2 an inch.

Minimum label width is 2 inches        

Center of label roll core is 3 inches.

Important: Front and back labels for tapered bottles must be printed on separate webs in order to allow for adjustment for skewed labels on a separate basis.

Front and back labels on separate webs or front and back labels on same web.  Same web is preferred when not using tapered bottles.

Labels must be wound industry standard #4 (labels face outside roll with left edge or label leading)             

A minimum of 1/8 inch spacing between labels for electronic sensing

Label rolls must not exceed 14 inches on #1 and 10" on MINI in overall diameter in order to avoid excessive waste