240 Volt 100 Amp 3 Phase (Hubbell no. 4100R9W or comparable

480 Volt 60 Amp 3 Phase (Hubbell no. 460R7W or comparable 

A•T Mobile requires a Dedicated Circuit or Disconnect Box of either a 100 amp 3 phase 240 volt service or a 60 amp 3 phase 480 volt service.


HBL560MI9W, 120/240V 3ph 60amp or a 45KW 120/240/3 phase 100 amp generator or 5 wire fusible disconnect box.(3 hot, 1 neutral & 1 ground)

#1 & Mini:

Power must be located within 100 feet of bottling site for #1 & 75' for MINI.  One of the following winery supplied receptacles should be installed and properly

wired prior to bottling. 

If needed A•T Mobile will provide a "Pig Tail" for the winery to connect as needed

A•T Mobile will not be held responsible for any wiring that needs to be done to your power supply.  A Certified Electrician should be used in making any electrical changes.  if your Winery does not have the necessary power to operate the truck, a generator can be rented from your local equipment dealer at the winery's expense.  A 60 KW, 240 volt 3-phase 100 amp is needed.