Latest Hi-Tech spinner heads ensure the highest quality foil application and produces the best possible finish.

The R&G Spinner capsule dispenser is supplied with multiple dispensing cups having an elliptical movement which increases the time the cup has at capsule dispensing and over the bottle.

The R&G Spinner capsules are pre-extracted by means of a mechanical system that is cam controlled allowing for better extraction, more reliable dispensing.

The R&G Spinner air operations are controlled and managed by different air reservoirs so that the pressure is always constants.

The R&G Spinner machine operations are time-controlled by an encoder-plc system guaranteeing constant timing and high speeds. 

New Generation R&G Spinning heads advantages:

6 Independent spring loaded rollers to apply a constant pressure at all speeds 

Centralized mechanical system (ring nut) for spinning roller pressure adjustment  

Electronic synchronization of the spinning heads speed with the machine speed 

Spinning heads can be rotated clockwise and counter-clockwise