With over 30 years experience in sales 15 of those with Macro Plastics, John Davis was instrumental in the introduction of the Macro Bin to the Napa and Sonoma wine industry. During his tenure working within the wine industry he has developed a passion for the wine industry. So faced with retirement John elected to start a company that provides a needed and viable service to the wine industry, the decision was made to start A•T Mobile Bottling Line.

John’s wife Liz Davis owns Alkar Human Resources, John believes between the A•T Mobile Bottling fulltime staff and hand selected bottlers from Alkar you will receive an exceptional experience. John’s children Amber & Trevor were the inspiration behind the name.

John and his team are dedicated to providing an exceptional service to clients in the wine industry – they believe and stand behind their services and name.

John Davis
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Phone: 707-227-0089